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It can be easy to underestimate the potential value of your garden to wildlife. Your garden, whatever the scale, can be an important place for local wildlife. From creating a ‘shiny new’ garden in any setting, enhancing an existing ‘traditional’ suburban garden, to creating simple and locally-significant habitats in a courtyard garden where space might be limited – and anything else in-between.


  • Perhaps you have a particular target group or species you want to provide for - pollinating insects including bees and butterflies, certain bird species, common frogs or hedgehogs.


  • Perhaps you want to focus on a particular habitat, being less concerned about a certain species. For example, you like the idea of a wildflower meadow, but are uncertain about what grasses and wildflower seed mix is suited to the prevailing soil type and conditions.


  • Perhaps you are not fussed about specifics at all, and your basic goal is for your garden to be a (better) place for wildlife and to also act as a stepping stone to and complement other wildlife spaces in your neighbourhood – to be one of a wider network of sites covering large scale.


  • Perhaps it comes down to cost alonewhat can I achieve with a budget of £X?

Some gardens lend themselves to a range of features and allow a mosaic of habitats to establish and function, whereas others will have particular constraints or other purposes to fulfil. In the case of the latter, it’s about selecting the best one single feature to bring maximum wildlife gain to that space


Whatever the case, we can explore potential options together and see what is achievable and the likelihood of success based on plot-specifics and budget. We will work with you to create a design tailored to your requirements and circumstances that will aim to deliver wildlife to your doorstep!

We are a young company and currently offer a design service; in due course we hope to also offer an implementation (build) service by partnering with trusted local landscape contractors that share our ethos and core values.

As a responsible enterprise we aim to minimise our ecological and carbon footprint. We utilise technology wherever possible; travel is limited to essential site visits only. We can offer a desk-based consultation service for prospective clients; please contact us for an informal chat.

Visit & Design Questionnaire 

A no-fee, initial face-to-face site meeting to appreciate the existing situation and discuss client ideas, budget and desired outcomes (the project brief).

Evaluation & Final Design 

Prepare and deliver final design (build) plan, with associated habitat schedules and planting specifications.

Site Survey & Base Map​

Carry out a measured survey of the site - to accurately record the current size of the garden property so that design options can be properly explored.


Prepare habitat care and maintenance notes.

Design Proposals 

Prepare design options for client review - 1:100 or 1:50-scaled plans prepared.

Implementation (Build) Service 
Coming soon!

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